October 9, 2008

Hello my name is...

First assignment: name tags

I had my first client who just so happened to be my classmate, Khristine. Her three main passions in life are yoga, mountain biking and photography. I tried incorporate all three of these as elements of the design, but later learned that should have just stuck with one idea. Either way, I got some good feedback about my contrast and type solution (font). Everything's off to a good start. =)

Below is the one my classmate, Khristine, made for me:

October 3, 2008

Round 2

My Graphic Design Studio II class started this past Wednesday. In this class I'll be learning about advertising, business identity, designing logos, brochures, and packaging. I'm really excited to start some new projects and I hope this class will help me further develop my portfolio.

I'm also looking forward to working with my new instructor. She's got a lot of personality and experience. I hope she can provide the guidance I need to succeed in this field.

Be on the lookout for new photos of my work. =)